Why Are YouTubers Starting Podcasts?

You may have noticed that your favorite YouTuber is starting a podcast, and they’re not alone in this venture. Many YouTubers are starting podcasts as well as continuing to post videos. That leaves many fans wondering why so many YouTubers are showing interest in podcasting. 

YouTubers are starting podcasts because podcasts are a new medium they can experiment with while reaching a new audience. They also allow for interviews or personal discussions and let their fans listen on the go.

Let’s take a closer look at why so many YouTubers are starting podcasts and how they can help them grow. 

Podcasting Is a New Way To Reach Your Audience

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Podcasting was created in 2004 when Adam Curry and Dave Winer came up with a way to stream radio broadcasts to iPods. Since then, it has grown massively over the years. As of 2019, over 90 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly. So, its popularity is hard to deny. 

Listeners continue to pour in, but the real rise in popularity started in about 2014. From then until now, podcasting and listeners have exponentially grown. So, while podcasts aren’t all that new, the popularity and growth have happened only over the last few years. 

It’s easy to understand why they have become so popular. Podcasts give listeners a way to be entertained on the go. Because podcasts have become so popular, it only makes sense for YouTubers to try out this platform as well. 

YouTube has grown exponentially over the years, along with podcasting. From 2004, YouTube has seen a growth rate that can be seen with podcasts today, leading to an influx of content creators on the video website. 

This is now happening with podcasts, and it makes sense that existing content creators, including YouTubers, are looking to try out this newly popular way to reach their audience. 

Podcasts Allow You To Have More In-Depth Discussions

Since YouTube is video-based, it can be difficult for creators to make longer videos discussing topics in-depth without losing the interest of their viewers. Podcasting, however, is tailor-made for this type of content. 

If you want to sit for an hour and interview someone who’s important to you, YouTube may not be the best way to do it. While YouTube does have a listening-only option, it’s currently behind a paywall. So, this type of content is still not very popular with YouTube viewers.

Additionally, not all YouTube content is designed to be audio-only and often depends on supporting video. This makes viewers less likely to try out a listening-only version of YouTube – they don’t trust that the medium supports this type of content.  

To work around these issues, content creators have moved their more lengthy discussions to podcasts. This allows them to sit down for as long as they want and talk to their audience about whatever topic they have scheduled without needing to also work on a supporting video or trim their content to make it shorter. 

Creators can use podcasts to talk about anything they want. It can be an extension of their YouTube channel or even something completely different. 

This is often not possible on YouTube channels that are tailored to appeal to a particular kind of viewer who may unsubscribe if they also had to deal with irrelevant podcasting content. They have the creative liberty to sit down and start talking about whatever they want, knowing that they can reach their audience on the go. 

Podcasts also allow YouTubers to get even more content out to their supporters – after all, they don’t require the same editing and planning that a video does, so they can be produced faster. Additionally, content recorded for a podcast can be added to YouTube to create snippets from interviews and chats. 

Supporters Can Listen On The Go 

One common complaint about YouTube is that videos don’t allow for listening on the go. To watch your favorite YouTuber, you need to stop what you are doing and pay attention to the video. But podcasting allows for multitasking. 

Supporters can take in content while doing other things that would otherwise prevent them from watching a full video. Podcasts are commonly listened to by people while running errands, driving, or even working. 

Podcasting allows you to reach your audience at times that are more convenient for them, and there’s a better chance they’ll take in all of your content. 

The chances are that you’re bored at some point during the day. Whether it’s while shopping at the grocery store or stuck in traffic on the way home, boredom happens. Many YouTubers want to reach their audience during these times. 

When people are driving to work and get tired of the same three songs they play on the radio, they may take this time to listen to a podcast. They’re popular for driving because they don’t require the same amount of attention as videos, and they don’t use as much data to run either. 

A Different Platform Can Help Their Audience Grow

By trying out a new platform, YouTubers are growing their reach. Some people would appreciate a creator’s content but don’t use their current platform. Trying a new platform can bring those people in. 

As discussed above, podcasts are popular and still growing. There may be people who don’t spend a lot of time on YouTube because they don’t have time but can listen to podcasts while they work. This gives those people the ability to find a creator’s content. 

YouTubers may also use podcasts to venture out and talk about things they haven’t discussed on their channel yet. Content diversity is a great way to bring in new audience members who may not be interested in some of the other topics. 

Overall, moving to podcasts can help YouTubers find new audience members and make their following even bigger. 

Final Thoughts

Many YouTubers have started podcasting because it’s a new and popular way to reach their audience and beyond. The idea of a platform that doesn’t require a cool video or intense editing appeals to those who spend a lot of time on that process. 

Podcasts allow for more relaxed personal conversations or interviews that would take up too much time on YouTube. Content creators can use this to their advantage by allowing their supporters to know them a little more personally on a podcast.

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