What Is the Difference Between YouTube and DailyMotion?

If you’re interested in posting videos online, you’ve probably heard about YouTube and DailyMotion as the top leading websites. However, not many people know enough about each site to know the differences. 

The differences between YouTube and DailyMotion are that YouTube has more traffic, allows for longer and larger videos, has a wider variety of videos, and has stricter copyright rules. While YouTube monitors for explicit content and has a stricter policy, DailyMotion is more lenient.

Overall, there are many differences between YouTube and DailyMotion, whether you’re a content creator or just want to watch videos. Let’s take a closer look at these differences to determine which website may fit you best. 

Is YouTube More Popular Than DailyMotion?

YouTube is more popular than DailyMotion because it gets about a billion visits to their website per month, while DailyMotion sees around 112 million visits per month. While that’s a solid amount of visitors, it’s not all that much compared to YouTube. 

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This big difference in popularity can be attributed to many different things, which we’ll get into in a little while. But it’s important to talk about what this means for content creators on both websites. 

The website’s popularity is vital when considering where you want to view and post videos. Fewer people will have access to your content if it’s posted on DailyMotion simply based on the above numbers. 

Because of the number of viewers that YouTube sees per month, companies are racing to get their ads on the site, which means more revenue for content creators. There are still ads on DailyMotion, but the urgency of getting ads there isn’t as common because it’s not reaching as large of an audience. 

Content creators are more likely to go where they can get a higher revenue, and right now, that place is YouTube. So, the popularity of YouTube guarantees that content creators get paid, create more content, and keep YouTube at the top. 

The Differences Between YouTube and DailyMotion That Affect Popularity

DailyMotion is a lot more tolerant of sexually explicit content than YouTube and more lenient on copyright issues. 

YouTube has more variety of videos and allows for videos to be longer than an hour. They also don’t limit how many videos that you can upload in a day.

These different restrictions and ideas have kept YouTube more popular. 

YouTube Has a Stricter Policy on Explicit Content

DailyMotion doesn’t allow all explicit content, but it does allow for some behind an age restriction. YouTube will do its best to monitor that type of content and remove anything too sexually explicit, but DailyMotion is a lot more lenient. 

This may not sound like something that could affect popularity, but it does. Many parents allow their children to watch YouTube videos because they monitor for explicit content. Since DailyMotion aren’t as strict, parents are hesitant to allow their kids to have access to the website. 

YouTube Wins for Video Variety

Due to its popularity and the vast number of creators, YouTube has a larger variety of videos than DailyMotion. This wide variety is also there because YouTube allows its content creators to upload as much as they’d like, unlike DailyMotion, which limits the number of uploads in a day. 

YouTube also gives creators the freedom to upload videos longer than one hour. This means that videos can be more thorough, detailed, and informative because they give their creators the ability to extend their videos. 

There’s something to be said for short, concise videos, but not every topic can fit into an hour or less. Creators who have other avenues like podcasts or radio shows may need longer than an hour to fit their entire show into a video. In this case, DailyMotion wouldn’t be useful for people who have long segments they want to publish. 

YouTube’s Copyright Policy Can Help DailyMotion

One thing that DailyMotion has going for it is its relaxed copyright stance. YouTube will ban videos that feature uncredited music or videos in them, but DailyMotion will allow creators to have more freedom when it comes to using those. 

Many creators like this because it allows them more freedom, but some don’t because it lets people get away with using content created by others. To become as popular as YouTube, DailyMotion would need to consider updating this policy. 

However, DailyMotion has had to reconsider how relaxed their copyright rules ever since they’d been sued. In 2014, they were fined over $3,000,000 by a television station for allowing their content to be published in full on their website. 

YouTube Is Backed by Google

Another reason YouTube has held the title of the largest video platform for so long is that it’s backed by Google. This means that YouTube is getting technology a lot faster than DailyMotion, like 3D compatibility. 

The money and technological innovation that Google provides can only help YouTube stay at the top in popularity. DailyMotion isn’t as fortunate when it comes to cash flow and constant innovation. 

DailyMotion is currently backed by Vivendi, but it should’ve been a lot bigger. There have been many ups and downs for DailyMotion while it has been growing in popularity. Before Vivendi, many companies wanted a stake in the company, but ultimately, they fell through, like Microsoft and Yahoo. 

The shaky start that DailyMotion had has only added to YouTube’s popularity. While it’s possible for them to catch up, it’ll take a lot of time, money, and forward-thinking efforts. 

Final Thoughts

There are many fundamental differences between YouTube and DailyMotion, including popularity. YouTube is still in the lead when it comes to content because of its policies. 

DailyMotion could potentially threaten YouTube eventually, but many content creators would like to see changes made to policies before switching. 

Vivendi being behind DailyMotion is great, but nothing can compare to having the money and resources of Google supporting you. So, YouTube has a lot more going for it, and that’s why it’s more popular. 

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