The Top 3 Standing Desks For Video Editors

For years, scientists have warned about the extensive long-term consequences of excessive sitting and praised the standing desk. Most creative jobs require hours of work time behind a desk, and being a video editor is no exception. The simple solution? An ergonomic standing desk that allows you to break up your workday with a little physical activity. Here’s why it’s time to make the switch—to boost your craft and to protect your health.

A Few Invaluable Benefits of an Adjustable Standing Desk  

If you’re a video editor, you probably start and end your work day sitting behind a computer screen (or two). This puts you at greater risk for all kinds of health problems, some more serious than others. From developing a dowager’s hump (an often-reversible curvature of the cervical spine) to raising your odds of developing chronic illness, the traditional desk is falling out of fashion. Moreover, scientific studies have shown that an adjustable standing desk is clearly the winner for fostering creative ideas.

Before you settle back into your desk chair, consider the long-term benefits of using a standing desk:

Creative Minds Flourish Behind Standing Desks   

As a video editor, your daily schedule is likely to be packed with tasks that demand equal parts creativity and concentration. Whether you’re developing a storyboard or brainstorming content for social media, your desk is where the magic begins. Having the right desk will make it easier for you to remain focused on executing your ideas. In fact, a study conducted by Washington University in St. Louis revealed that using a standing desk even a few hours during your work day may boost creative output while promoting camaraderie between colleagues. Additionally, research has shown that physical activity is linked to higher levels of innovative thinking.

Sitting All Day is Linked to Early Death and Disease      

Making the switch to an ergonomic adjustable standing desk isn’t just beneficial for your mind—your body will thank you. Think improving blood flow, minimizing your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, and preventing obesity. If you’re thinking, But I work out all the time, not so fast. Even if you’re in excellent health, popping on a 30-minute HIIT workout every other day doesn’t compensate for nearly eight hours of sitting down. For every eight hours of sitting, experts recommend at least one hour of exercising. Being a video editor is a demanding job that often demands overtime and long work days; if you can’t commit to more than five hours of fitness per week, a sit-stand desk is a must.

Standing Desks Boost Blood Flow and Weight Loss  

Working at an adjustable standing desk can help you burn calories and increase your circulation. The effect is maximized if you remain standing for a full eight hours—if you stick it out, expect to burn upwards of 700 calories in the work day. But standing constantly may also trigger leg and back pain for some. You can prevent this by lowering your desk if your joints feel sore. Standing for a few hours might not seem like physical activity, but it’s proven to keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy while increasing blood flow to your heart and brain. Traditional desks promote sluggishness and weight gain because they impair your circulation. If you feel exhausted after hours of editing videos, don’t blame that weak cup of coffee. Blame poor blood flow.

3 Standing Desks Perfect For Video Editors

Imagine pulling off back-to-back video editing projects without any tension headaches, shoulder stiffness, or caffeine jitters. Look no further than switching your desk! These adjustable standing desks will give you the extra energy boost you need to thrive at work. Each model offers all the benefits of a regular desk—ample surface space to lay out equipment, mounts for monitors, and options for under desk storage—but with a sleeker design.

Here are the three top standing desks for video editors who have…

A Compact Office Space: SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Computer L-Shaped Desk (Black)

SHW designed this stainless-steel desk for the video editor who works with multiple printers, laptops, desktops, and more. If you’re working in a compact office, the L-shaped standing desk can be tucked away into the corner without cluttering the room. Nearly 6 feet of work space allows you to get creative with your set-up. Industrial steel grommets allow you to safely plug in your devices while hiding your charging cords.   

Unlike traditional desks, this desk allows you to organize your equipment across its roomy L-shaped surface. Work with two desktops, a desktop and tablet with keyboard combo, or review your video footage and photo reel—the choice is yours. If you want to sit down, press and hold the “Down” key. You can choose between heights of 28 inches (sitting) to 45 inches (standing). The initialization and reset process for adjusting height takes less than one minute.

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Use More Than 2 Monitors: Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55 in Standing Desk with Clamp-on Shelf (Silver Base)

If you’re working on a lengthy video editing project, you may need to use more than two monitors. Stand Steady has you covered with their sleek silver adjustable standing desk, which rises to 46 inches in height. With nine feet of desktop space and a desk shelf capable of supporting up to three monitors, this standing desk is stylish and functional. The desk shelf positions your monitors at eye-level height, eliminating eye and neck strain. Stand Steady also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee—if you don’t experience the benefits of standing during your work day, you will receive a full refund.

The only downside to sharing your desktop space with monitors: less room for odds and ends. If you need to free up a little extra desktop space, opt for under desk storage. The Under Desk Sliding Center Pencil Drawer by BTOD easily attaches to the underside of your desk. This slide-out drawer comes with four compartments for all your paper clips, Post-its, tape, and other small essentials. It’s the perfect accessory to keep your work space organized sans the clunky coffee mug.

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Heavy Accessories and Equipment: FEZIBO Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 48 x 24 Inches (Black Frame/Dark Rustic Brown Top)

Fezibo is a master craftsman in attractive, modern desks that hold up to nearly 180 pounds in weight. Although the desktop space is a few inches smaller at 48 inches, it comes with several unique storage options to keep your workspace organized. Hang up your jacket, camera, or headphones on two hooks. Hide your charging cables or power strip using the cable management tray beneath the desk. The controller touch screen to adjust your desk’s height even comes with a USB port to charge your smartphone or tablet.

Fezibo’s standing desk offers four programmable memory presets for up to 46 inches in height. The lifting column comes with built-in anti-collision technology to prevent your video editing equipment from leaving unsightly dents and scratches. Unlike many other standing desks on Amazon, this model comes in four attractive colorways that match any office setting.

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Enjoy a Better Work Day by Standing Up  

Being a video editor is an incredibly rewarding but often stressful job. The last thing you need is to weight yourself down with a clunky desk. Lightweight, versatile, and modern, the adjustable standing desk is here to stay.

No matter what adjustable standing desk you choose to buy, don’t forget your anti-fatigue mat! Sky Solutions offers an eco-friendly anti-fatigue mat made of plush foam that prevents joint pain. Make your work space as comfortable as possible to fully take advantage of your sit-stand desk.

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