Break Down of Costs To Becoming a Youtuber: Cheaper Than You Think

I have heard people think they need the best equipment to start their Youtube channel or create content. That couldn’t be any more false!

It’s wildly more affordable to start a Youtube Channel today than a few years ago. You can start your new career on Youtube and have all the equipment for less than $300. See all the equipment I recommend right below. 

Best Camera To Start Your Youtube Channel

Honestly, I assume there is a smartphone, iPad, or iPod Touch floating around your house. I Believe these devices are the best to start recording Youtube videos. 

Pro Tip** Most of the time Apple devices have been known to produce better quality video versus other devices. 

Here are some things to consider before you start recording on your phone. 

  • Make sure there is enough storage on your phone before recording. Often times you can find this under “Settings” and “Phone Storage” If you need to make more storage you might be able to back up your current photos and videos on to Google Photos. Anything above 3 Gb (gigabytes) should be enough for one shoot. 
  • Wipe down the camera lens with a soft cloth. Make sure you get rid of those smudges because it makes a big difference.
  • Remove the phone case from the phone that covers the camera lens if it has one. 
  • Try and use the most recent released device to ensure the best quality video.

Pro Tip** When starting the video make sure to touch the center of the screen to focus the camera before you start recording. This also balances how the bight or dark the video will be.

How to Record Good Clean Audio For Your Youtube Videos.

This is where the level of “fun” goes from 4 to 8. 

It’s important to have good audio for your Youtube videos. Personally, I will settle for a little lower quality of video vs inaudible audio. If I cannot hear what they are saying it’s just chaos for me. 

Let’s look at a few ways to get good audio using your phone or tablet. 

Regardless if your phone has a headphone jack or not I would recommend this kit on Amazon. It comes with a great microphone, a tripod, and all the attachments that are needed. 

First, I am going to assume your phone DOES NOT have a smartphone jack. If you purchase any microphone for an Apple device you will need this attachment. 

Pro Tip** DO NOT try and buy the cheaper knock off versions on Amazon. I have done this many times and they always end up breaking. The official Apple one is the only one that has never broken. 

Pro Tip** A friend told me that the Apple adapters are easy to lose 😉

If you have an Android phone that does not have a headphone jack it MOST likely has USB-C port on the bottom. If that is the case purchase this one. It is another Apple product but for USB-C. All of the Pro Tips from above apply as well. 

If your phone HAS a headphone jack your life just got easier and cheaper. Congrats.

How to Film With Your Tablet and Record Audio

Essentially, you will need a tripod to hold your tablet and I have seen this one used often. You can see it on Amazon right here. This also comes with a light, which is nice!

I would personally get this microphone and tripod for the microphone on Amazon because I’ve seen the light interfere with the microphone from time to time.

Also, you may need this extension cord from Amazon if you use the tripod for the microphone. 

Other Tools

There might be a few other tools you might need if you have the budget.

Amazon Link

Noise Reducing Headphones
Amazon Link
2 TB (Terabyte) External Hard Drive
Amazon Link

Best Video Editing Software to Get Started on Youtube

So this is a very important question. What programs can I use to edit videos for free?

Let me show you a table and then we will briefly discuss all the options. 

Your Computer is Old and SlowYour Computer is New(ish) and QuickChromebookiPhone or Android
WeVideoHitFilm ExpressWeVideoWeVideo

Adobe Rush 
Adobe Rush 

DaVinci Resolve



I’m going to be honest – I am WeVideo Fanboy. I think regardless of whatever system you have this should always be your first option. Completely cloud-based video editor with all the needs you have to start your editing career. BUT! I would recommend purchasing the Unlimted plan for $100 a year for unlimited storage and high-resolution exports.

HitFilm Express

This would be my second choice. It has a very good layout that is similar to other professional name brand editors so if you ever had to “move up” the transition would not be too jarring. 

Adobe Rush

Good for on the go editing on your devices. The computer software is very good too but requires a decent PC to run and edit. 

Davinci Resolve

This is my last option. Resolve is a very good editor but it is not user friendly it can be a pain to pick up for someone new to the editing game. 

ProTip** Davinci Resolve is often used mostly for “Color Grading”. Essentialy color grading mean video editors will use Resvolve and agonize over each frame to make sure it’s exactly the style of color they are looking for.

What Laptop or Computer Should I Use for Editing Videos?

I would just start using the computer that you have around the house. Most schools today give Chromebooks to all their students so you should be able to use WeVideo even with your Chromebook. 

Using a PC Windows laptop might be easier for portability purposes. HP, Asus, Dell and even Microsoft build great computers that can be used for video editing, 

ProTip** Apple released a new version of iPadOS to the public which includes a “cursor” when you connect a mouse to the iPad. May not seem like a big deal but editing videos on the iPad just became 100X easier.

My Current Video Editing Setup and Favorite Products

Apple MacBook Air M1 512GB Ram (Waiting for the new 16in pro)

LG 27MK400H-B Full HD Monitor with FreeSync 27″ (I literally have 4 of these)

Razer Holiday Bundle Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard, Abyssus Gaming Mouse, Goliathus Chroma Mousepad

KTRIO Large Gaming Mouse Pad with Stitched Edges

Panasonic LUMIX G7 Digital Camera – Great Entry Camera for Shooting and Streaming

Neewer Ring Light Kit — A Must Have

Emart Green Screen Backdrop with Stand Kit – Affordable and Lots of Uses!

Elgato Stream Deck Mini – I only need the 6 keys

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